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Specific features of the gold futures and intraday trading ideas.

Specific features of the gold futures and intraday trading ideas.

Do you know about one incredible opinion of Australian scientists that the gold is formed from water under the impact of earthquakes? However, according to other sources, the gold have accumulated on the Earth from fallen meteorites. How then the gold got into our bodies, since there is 0.2 milligrams of gold in each of […]

Bid, ask and spread in trading

Bid, ask and spread in trading.

Let us start from a puzzle: Ask and Bid made a flight on a bee, Ask dropped when the bee suddenly stopped Bid fell onto grass, can’t be seen by none of us Guess what’s left on the bee when it sat? You are right, it’s a brave lovely …!

How to identify spoofing in the ATAS order book.

How to identify spoofing in the ATAS order book.

What is spoofing? Spoofing is a concept that originates from the verb “to spoof” – disorient, cheat, falsify, mystify, etc. You can also find another version of origination of this term in the Internet – from the nickname of the cryptocurrency trader Spoofer, who successfully manipulated trading. However, the first legal prosecutions for spoofing took […]


How to become a trader from scratch. Interview with a professional trader

The trader profession is extremely attractive and more and more people want to become traders. This is not surprising since professional traders make good money and are masters of their time.

Footprint and Tape analysis.

Footprint and Tape analysis. An example of a profitable trade on BitMEX

This practical article demonstrates power of the ATAS instruments. To prove their efficiency, we will show you how to find a bitcoin buying setup on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. A simple logic, which is behind the price movement, will be used in the process of the market analysis. It is focused on the buyers and […]

Tactics of using Footprint

How to use footprint on the exchange to find the entry level.

“Little goes a long way” is a well-known saying. This article is little, but it contains practical value for those who want to increase efficiency of their market analysis with the help of Footprint.

Practice of footprint analysis.

Practice of footprint analysis. Patterns in the ATAS platform

This article is a practical instruction for those who studies the market analysis with the help of such concepts as volume, clusters, footprint and delta. This method of analysis focuses on real powers that influence the price – efforts of buyers and sellers.

How to use the Weis Wave Indicator.

How to analyze “Weis waves” with ruler and delta indicator

After publication of the article about trading with the Weis Wave Indicator, we noticed your interest in this definitely engaging subject. That is why we decided to analyze some more relevant charts, which can be of interest to you.

Trading patterns and clusters for M5

Searching candles patterns and clusters at M5 chart

Forex beginner traders tend to practice their initial knowledge opening small timeframe positions. Moreover, they usually use simple patterns, which use forex candles. This happens because: small timeframes, such as 5-minute ones, exclude long waiting. They allow immediate feeling of a faster heart beating when they see profit or loss fluctuations; forex patterns, built on […]