Custom Indicators

To create a custom indicator:

  1. Create a Visual Studio class library project
  2. Add a link to ATAS.Indicators.dll, which is located in the program installation folder, to the project
  3. Redefine the Indicator class
  4. Add the necessary data series in the constructor: ValueDataSeries, RangeDataSeries, CandleDataSeries, or PriceSelectionDataSeries
  5. Describe the indicator operation logic in OnCalculate()
  6. Compile the library
  7. Put the resulting .dll file to the Documents/Advanced Time And Sales/Indicators folder
  8. The next time ATAS is launched, the created indicator will appear in the list of indicators

You can download a sample project here.

It is necessary to add the latest version of ATAS.Indicators.dll to the references of the project