Natural gas price dynamics.

Natural gas price dynamics. Chart. Analysis.

Natural gas futures (NG) is: the third world biggest commodity delivery futures contract by volume; widely used as a national natural gas benchmark price and the most important world energy source; allowing market participants carrying out hedging for risk management, connected with the natural gas price volatility, caused by the demand.

Анализ рынка фьючерсов на нефть.

Oil futures market analysis

The oil futures market is one of the most significant world markets. The instrument volatility is explained by many influence factors – politics, industrial growth, ecology and others. The news analysis would, most probably, lead a beginner trader astray. What to do if you do not want to lose an opportunity and it is not […]

analysis of a gold futures.

Gold price analysis with the help of indicators for volume analysis.

“Without a doubt, more people follow the price of gold than any other commodity in the world” Larry Williams